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Marriages create the time-honoured union between a loving couple, and so much more. Without them we’d never be able to describe someone’s enthusiastic musical motions as being like a ‘dad dancing at a wedding’, and a world without would forever be a far less lovely place. Here are 20 of the finest examples of the art form. Not all include fathers, and they’re not placed in order of merit.

1) An Ode to Justin

Somewhere in an almost exactly similar parallel universe this same tribute to Justin Bieber also happened, and the guests gave in to their instincts and set upon the groom like a pack of wild hyenas.

2) Fathers & daughters

Well it didn’t take long on the list before a dad did indeed dance at his daughter’s wedding, and what a dad he is. It’s not about the coordination, it’s all about the confidence and a fantastic show put on by a duo whose months of preparation paid off, big-style.

3) Whoomp, there it is

We should probably spend some time lauding the fancy footwork of these two (and it is very impressive) but in all honesty we really are way more taken by the smiles on their faces. If their wedding day is the happiest one of their life then right here is the happiest minutes of that day. Behold! A display of unadulterated joy in teeth form! And dancing.

4) Baby got married

Possibly filmed on a mobile phone that’s being protected by a woolly sock, this wonderful dance number takes Sir Mix-a-Lot’s unsolicited admission of his preference for specific aspects of the female form and does it some extreme justice.

5) Love knows no fear

Ah, that beautiful time in the evening when the married couple get to hold each other close and sway gently to the music, unafraid to kiss in front of all their close relations. First dances truly demonstrate the most romantic of motions, and then something happens the guests really didn’t expect. Boom!

6) Shut up and dance

Let’s take some time out from tongue-in-cheek frivolity to enjoy a brand new husband and wife displaying they’re fabulous skills as they make the 1936 classic ‘Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)’ by Benny Goodman their own. Wedding dances don’t have to be humorous. Sometimes they can just be excellent.

7) I Nintend-do!

Another impossibly in love couple’s first dance, but one unlike any you’ve seen before (on this list and up to this point). Best to watch the beginning and then skip to 1:35. When asked if he’d take her as his wife he probably said “I Nintend-do!” Yeah, we’ll move on.

8) No, that’s not it

You know how Dirty Dancing is set in 1963 yet features the very 1987 sounding ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes as its musical track? It’s just something to remember when watching this stunning display of varied styles that keeps on getting interrupted by a Korean superstar.

9) It means no worries

Although we did mention that this list wasn’t in order of merit, what these seven brothers did for their sister’s wedding really does deserve special attention. Mainly for its opening, which could have carried on for hours and we’d still be in tears. Of joy.

10) They got her good

Hats off to this fine gentleman for standing up and singing at his wedding day, and hats off to all the others who weren’t going to just sit back and leave him there all alone. If the bride wasn’t totally emotional before, she certainly was when she realises what’s really going on.

11) Mothers & sons

Check out this pair and you’ll witness possibly one of the greatest relationships between a Mother and Sone that has ever been known. What for it… wait for it… yeah, there you go.

12) The first (slamming) dance

It usually takes at least few weeks before tensions rise and husband and wife thrash it out, but not at this wedding where bride and groom don’t even wait for the end of their first dance before they go nuts in each other’s company.

13) Bride on a wire

If you’ve been taking inspiration from these videos and are thinking about borrowing some ideas for your own wedding then to emulate for this next one you really need to find venue that can facilitate a crane.

14) Maid of Honor got mad flow

Although it could be argued that this one is technically more of a speech than a dance, you’ll see the bride getting down with her bad self and that’s all the excuse we need to include it in the list. Seriously, there are still places in the world where internet connections aren’t as fast as her best pal’s rhymes.

15)Poppin’ and lockin’

Presumably absolutely nobody taking part in the awesome display of competitive wedding dancing ate much during the meal or drank anything stronger than a few sips of water.Sit back and enjoy as b-boys and b-girls take to the floor to bust moves that, by rights, should also be busting wrists and ankles.

16) Don’t stop believin’

We’ve seen no evidence that she was just a small town girl living in a lonely world, or that she took a midnight train that was going anywhere. Trains do run on tracks, so we can only assume she had some idea of possible destinations. Well done guys, your wedding looks like it was a lot of fun.

17) Funk soul wedding

It won’t be long before somebody will fall over and hurt themselves at a wedding and everyone will just stand around waiting for the music to kick in and the show to start. We’re not quite there yet, thankfully, so the look on some of these guests’ faces can be taken as being genuine.

18) The Fall Girl

Chrissy Weathersby Ball is a stuntwoman who has appeared in superhero movies like The Dark Knight Rises, and you’ll also not be able to recognise her in TV shows like CSI Miami and Charmed. Will her wedding dance involve her catching on fire or being thrown through a window? No, but it’s still darned fine.

19)So very crazy in Love

This tightly choreographed groom and his groomsmen shift effortlessly from a bootylicious Beyonce medley into a heartfelt interpretation of a Backstreet Boys classic. Then it takes time out for some fun and moustaches with an Iranian underground pop hit, before swinging into Bruno Mars’ Marry You. In case you’re wondering, the groom is an Orthopedic Surgery resident in Los Angles. Obviously.

20) Nobody lost even an eye

Although it’s rare that anyone starts a fight during a wedding’s first dance you can bet even a gin-crazy Chuck Norris wouldn’t start getting rough during this one. You’ll initially think the groom is just living out his own private fantasy, but no – it’s far better than that.