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Years of dreaming will have brought you to this one moment – your wedding day. You’ll want everything to be just as you imagined, but the hard part is tying it all together beautifully to create a picture perfect event that you will both cherish.

There are so very many things to consider, including venue, invitations, guest lists, decor, bridal outfits and food, to name but a few, that you may find your head spinning with ideas. Your big day should reflect your own unique style, but there’s absolutely no harm in taking some inspiration from some of the 2017s biggest forecasted trends. With years of experience behind them, the Italian Villa team has been able to create a list of the best trends for 2017 that will make your day stand out. Of course, that’s not to say you should try and tick all of the boxes, but simply use the list to help make planning a little easier and hopefully significantly more exciting.

1. Vintage Touches

One major benefit of the vintage trend, which is set to grace 2017, is that it is guaranteed to give you a wedding album that doesn’t age. You can incorporate touches of vintage flair to your wedding by complementing the old with the new for a timeless and elegant look. Think tiered candles, pockets of baby’s breath, lace trimmings your grandmother would have been proud of, hand-finished touches and gorgeous retro inspired hair-dos.

2. Mixed Metallics

Metallic highlights are making a comeback in 2017. This year rose gold, pewter and copper decorations will all feature highly on the wish lists of brides-to-be looking to add a touch of sparkle and understated glamour to their day. Everything from the show-stopping cake to your bridesmaid’s gowns can be accented with some sumptuous metallic shades. If executed properly you’re sure to create a luxurious finish that will shine through in photos.

3. Greenery

Green is definitely the new black in 2017 – and for very good reason. Pantone, the world’s foremost authority on colours, has even officially dubbed “Greenery” as the shade of the year, relegating last year’s pick (Rose Quartz) to the history books. Bringing nature’s luscious tones into your wedding is a fabulous way to add some colour and flair without overpowering your overall look. If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor wedding venue, make sure to capitalise on all of the local beauty spots for your photo shoot. If not, you can always bring the greenery inside and use it to decorate your indoor venue and give your wedding a dose of natural freshness. `

4. Colour Pop

This year, neutral and blush tones have been cast aside in favour of an injection of colour. If greenery is not your cup of tea, you could always try a pop of colour, and we’re not talking about rainbow or ombre effects here, but a tasteful addition to your colour palette. Pick an accent colour that will compliment your theme and use it sparingly to create eye-catching decor or even outfits for your bridesmaids/groomsmen.

5. Ice-breakers

Gone are the days where your guests sit down for dinner and restrict themselves to the people around the table. 2017 is all about bringing everyone together and breaking the ice, aided by interactive games, food stations, photo booths and unique entertainment. This year’s trend can also include spaces that have a more ‘laidback’ lounge feel, to encourage your guests to relax, mingle (and eventually hit the dance floor).

6. Sugar Rush

Cakes are one of the centrepieces of any wedding celebration, but more and more couples are looking at how they can reinvent the age-old tradition. In 2017, doughnuts, cookies, brownies, desserts and even cheeses are making their way into the order of events to give things a fresh sugary twist.

7. Unusual Settings

Couples are searching for ever more unique venues to host their special day and high on the list are settings that will blow guests away with natural beauty. One of the key elements of your day being an absolute success is picking a venue that will allow you to personalise your wedding exactly the way you want to. For many couples, the thought of a luxurious wedding setting is a far off dream, as many top locations such as Lake Como in Italy are out of budget and impractical for guests.

If you’re searching for the perfect wedding venue slightly closer to home, with all the benefits of a lakeside Italian escape, look no further than the award-winning Italian Villa in Dorset. Set in the stunning grounds and gardens of Compton Acres the Italian Villa boasts its very own lake, Italian and Japanese gardens, gorgeous period buildings and even an enchanting grotto. Located just outside the popular holiday destination of Sandbanks, on the coast of Dorset, the Italian Villa is a versatile, year-round venue that can accommodate all your needs and handle any trends that tickle your fancy.

The breath-taking location is perfect for indoor or outdoor weddings and with three floors of luxurious suites inside; you’ll be spoilt for choice. Licensed to perform marriages and civil partnerships, the venue is available for exclusive wedding hire. The dedicated Italian Villa team will guide you through the entire process and take care of all the details, from the presentation of the canapés right down to the seating arrangements on the day. If you’re after the complete package for your dreaming wedding then the Italian Villa has plenty to offer, but be sure to book early to avoid disappointment as the venue is extremely popular (and is rated one of the best in the region).

For more information visit our site, where you can also reserve 2017 & 2018 wedding slots or take a 360° tour and explore the venue.

Photo credit below: Peppermint Love Photography